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HRTech Solutions is a IT Hardware rental solution provider based in Jaipur, India. With experience of over 10 years in this industry with services rendered to multinationals, corporates & government organisations we have grown to a organisation with the best systems in place and a very efficient team to satisfy all our customer needs. We use latest innovations and expertise to help our clients to catch up with the market thats changing at a revolutionary pace, making sure that every venture is a success for our clients.

We do this for our clients, as we firmly believe that: ” When you win, We win “. Our zest for creativity leads us to excel in whatever we do – be it Long term rentals, training events, seminars, large short term rental projects. At HRTech Solutions, we believe in creating a supportive and diverse workplace. HRTech Solutions is committed to helping customers become more competitive by applying information intelligence to solving their business problems. The company implements a strategic partnership with customers, delivering added value and support decision making and management.

HRTech Solutions is one of the leading providers of IT products on rental basis in Jaipur, India. Some MNC’s have recognized us as their authorized sole equipment leasing supplier. Our market offering is upgraded and enhanced on a regular basis. We have an ever increasing list of satisfied clients. We believe in getting the best and the latest to your doorsteps and are partners with variuos OEM’s which help us fulfill high tech needs of our clients.

Service that we currently offer
*Laptops on Hire in Jaipur
* Computers on Rent in Jaipur
* Desktops on Hire in Jaipur
* Notebooks on Rent in Jaipur
* Projector rentals in Jaipur
* Servers hire, rent and lease in Jaipur
* Apple Products on Rent

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